How to get the best keywords fast :)

It is very easy if you follow these steps.

I will show you a few techniques to increase your keywording speed with practice. There is no need to go fast. Just learn these techniques and speed will come with practice. 

You may have already figured some of this out. If you have any questions then we can talk about any of this stuff further. 

We can also do a Skype screenshare if you would like to work on some images together.

I have a full written tutorial below, but the video is there to make things easy! Please read the written tutorial at least once. There is important information there.

Here is the video:

There are some weird vertical lines when I type in the video. Please try to ignore those. Sorry about that!

If it is too low quality to read the text, then we can figure out another way of sharing this info. Please let me know.

I numbered each section below so you can tell me which part you may have any questions on.

Thank you!


First, let's look at StockSubmitter: 

One trick to see the photos very large is to hold down the “space bar” when you have an image selected.

Next, I am going to show you a trick for copying the title to the description.

Remember, do not put a period at the end of the sentence in the title. Only do that in the description. 

Type the title of the photo in the title area, then hit tab. 

Notice that the title was copied to the description. Now hit your "right arrow" on your keyboard, insert a period, and begin typing your description. 


Instead of putting the location information in the description, I will put it in the keywords. That will allow for this trick to work properly. 


Next, I am going to show you some tricks for the keywording section.

First, lets look at what gets "written" in this section, and what does not. 

In the keywords, type in: "boat, boat, boat" and click save. 

Notice that the duplicates are erased and you are left with only one "boat". 

This will help for creating the first five keywords that need to be the most important. They will automatically be erased when you type them at the beginning. 


Now, let's try typing out: "boat, boat, boat, , , , , , , ,          ,,,,, , , sunset". 

Notice that there are blank terms and extra commas. 

After you hit save, these blanks and extra commas disappear. 

This is useful for quickly erasing keywords. I will show you why:


Try typing: "boat, sunset, ocean, night, night sky, horizon"

Let's say we want to erase the terms "night" and "night sky".

Double click on the term "night" and hit the space bar one time. 

When there are two words, you will have to repeat this. So for the "night sky", double click to highlight "night", then hit the space bar. Now, double click to highlight "sky", then hit the space bar. 

Hit save (or tab) and the extra spaces and commas disappear. 

This will come very easy with practice. 


Okay, now I'd like to show you 2 keyword tools:


Resize your window to be half of your screen and open up your web browser and resize that to be the other half.

Now open:

There is a drop-down box that says "Images to load", select 25. You can try more or less if needed. 

Type in a few keywords. Try: "boats, sunset, dock"

Now choose a few images that look like they may have similar keywords as your image.

Scroll to the bottom and hit submit.

Now select a whole bunch of keywords. Aim for about 30 keywords total, but remember that you can go as low as 15 if it is a difficult image. Do not exceed 45 keywords. 

If you are having a hard time with any image then just leave the keywords blank (or title, or description) and I will take care of that image :)

Copy paste the keywords into StockSubmitter. 


You can now add the first 5 keyword that are the most important. Remember that duplicates are removed automatically, so just choose the first 5 that come to mind. 


Here is the other keywording tool (please try both and see which one works the best for you):

In your web browser, go to

Under the section that says "search term" erase whatever word is there (do not use that search box, but make sure it is blank or it messes up your search). 

In the "keywords" section, you can type a few keywords. Again, try: "boats, sunset, dock".

This automatically selects the first 50 keywords. 

I do not recommend this, but you can try it if you want: you can go down the list and unselect keywords and then copy all of them by clicking the "copy keywords" button.

I do not recommend this. I like to "unselect" all my keywords using StockSubmitter. 

So, to try it my way:

Copy all 50 keywords by clicking the "copy 50 keywords button"

Past into StockSubmitter

And now use the “space bar” trick. Double click on a keyword and press the space bar to delete. 

Once you are done with deleting all the "bad" keywords, you can add the first 5 most important ones and hit save. 


Remember that clicking the "save" button saves one file, but you have to hit refresh to save them all. Try your best to always do this when you are done! 

At the end of the video I show you an easy way to check that your files have the metadata “written” correctly. This will work on windows, but if you have a mac then I think it may be slightly different.

Please let me know if you had any trouble doing any of these steps.

All done!

I hope you found this helpful and please ask me any questions you may have. 

These methods may seem strange, but if you practice them then you will become very fast at this :)

Do not worry about being fast, just practice for now!