Orange Palm Studio aims to create high-quality, professional images that will show beautiful interior and exterior views of every home. Our Home Photo Shoot packages are based on property square footage. Each Home Photo Shoot comes standard with premium photo editing and MLS-ready images.  Check out our prices and add-ons below:

Recommended House Size # of Photos Price
0 - 1199 sq. ft. 15 $100
1200 - 2499 sq. ft. 25 $120
2500 - 3999 sq. ft. 30 $130
4000+ sq. ft. 35 + $140 +
Add-On Packages
Upgrade to a Premium Twilight Photo Shoot Sunset/Sunrise Session + 5 Extra Photos + $100
A Return Visit to Showcase Any Updates to a Home 10 $55
Video Tour of the Home 2-minute Premium Edited Video $250


What To Expect From Your Home Photo Shoot

From your Home Photo Shoot you will receive beautifully edited photos reflecting a true and unified look of the property, giving each home the most effective chance of standing out in listings. Photos are delivered electronically within 24 hours of the scheduled shoot. In the electronic delivery, the client will receive high-resolution, MLS-ready images from their shoot. If you want more photos with your Photo Shoot, let us know!

Twilight Shoot

A Twilight Shoot takes place at dusk. Twilight creates the best photos. Twilight is perfect for showing the exterior of a home, as well as stunning views from interior windows and golden interior light. This creates shots that pop. They stand out from other photos to grab your client's attention. 

We offer the Twilight Shoot as an add on package. We show up 45 minutes before sunset (15 minutes before sunrise) and take photos until well after the sun has set. This gives us the best opportunity to capture the best twilight photos of the property. 

There are only 2 chances to capture twilight photos per day, so please do not hesitate to reach out in advance!  

Updated Photo shoot

Change up a few things to really help show the home? 

Let us know and we'll come back to capture the updates with 10 photos. If you need more or less photos then let us know.

Other Services

Show each potential buyer that you're willing to take the extra step to give them quality. 

Professional Headshots

Let us make you look your best! Professional headshots are a great way to market yourself. Post it on your business cards, listing flyers, website and use it to professionally promote yourself on social networks. 

Custom Design & Photo Needs

Do you have other design or photo needs? Let's talk about how we can help!