Here is a quick tutorial on how we should title, describe, and keyword these photos using StockSubmitter. 

1. Download StockSubmitter:

You do not need to make an account to do everything you need. Just choose "Start without registration". 

2. Download the shared Google Drive Folder: "Test Batch of 30 Images"

3. Follow the tutorial below to make sure you understand how to do this task. 

4. There will be a few links at the end for keyword generator tools. Use these or use any other ones you may know of to generate all the keywords.

5. Visit to see examples of other people's photos, titles, descriptions and keywords. 

6. Some photos will have location information in the description. Try your best to use that, but that is not mandatory. 

7. Never change the original file name. Only edit the metadata of the photos. 

8. If the files have any titles, descriptions or keywords in them already, then please erase those and create your own. Some of the descriptions may have a location so you can have some information about the image. All the keywords should be blank (if not then erase them and keyword them using the tools). 


Find your files.

If you cannot find your folder in this area, then close the program and open it back up again. 





Select an image and use these 3 sections:






Please notice that the "Title" is repeated as the first sentence in the "Description" and a period is added to the end to make it the first sentence (this sentence does not need proper grammar, but all other sentences do). 

This adds to the character count for the descriptions. Do not exceed 200 characters. 

Please do this for every image. 






  1. This shows how many words and characters are in the title. This title is 10 words long and 48 characters. Must be at least 5 words or more. Must have between 30-50 characters.
    Do not put any punctuation or numbers in the title. 
    Do not put:  ,./?":;!&%1234567890

  2. This shows how many words and characters are in the description. This description has 36 words and 189 characters. Ignore word count and just make sure it is below 200 characters and between 1-3 sentences (after the duplicated title is inserted). 

  3. This is the keyword counter. Aim for 15-45 keywords. 25+ is best. Make sure the first 5 keywords are the most important and the most obvious.
    Example: bench, lake, cityscape, water, day

  4. Keyword info:

    1. It is extremely important to avoid incorrect keywords!

    2. Do not have any keywords without spaces: (do not put: "roadsign" instead put: "road sign")






  1. Ignore this, but this is a category that says this image belongs in Buildings/Landmarks > Miscellaneous.

  2. Ignore this, but this category says Nature > Parks.

  3. Ignore this. You do not have to choose the categories because the program chooses them at the end automatically (after keywording the image). Please ignore this completely. I may decide to use this feature in the future, so I just wanted to introduce you to this. 






IMPORTANT: All your work may get lost if you do not "save", for some reason this called "Refresh".

  1. Go to Actions

  2. Click on refresh

  3. Shortcut key: F5



I recommend that you make a copy of the files when you are done. This will allow you to check the metadata and make sure it was "written" on the file. 

If you need help viewing metadata:


Keyword Generators:

Just type in keywords and this helps you generate more.

Type in a few keywords and search for photos that are similar to your photo. Go to the next step. Choose words that work for the photo.

StockSubmitter has one built it:


Thank you so much for doing this task for me!

Good luck and feel free to ask me questions. I will respond to questions in the next few hours, or at 10 PM Sunday night Philippines time. 

Please complete this by Monday night Philippines time.

Remember, when in doubt, just keep it simple. 

Jason Finn